DUBLIN, St Patrick's Cathedral : Eimear Quinn at the Temple Bar TRADFEST

Thursday @ 8:00 pm

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Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

TradFest Temple Bar is a joyful celebration of Irish identity through music. Each January, it showcases the best of established and emerging musical talent at a landmark festival which is rooted in the historic and atmospheric setting of Temple Bar, Dublin’s cultural quarter. Over 50 live music concerts take place in some of the best pubs in Temple Bar, as well as key historical landmarks in Dublin.

TradFest is reimagining and redefining Irish music and reaching growing Irish and international audiences at live events and through digital channels. It adopts a fluid approach to programming and is constantly curating the best of established Irish traditional and folk musicians with emerging performers, some of whom got their career breaks and opportunities to perform at international events through TradFest Temple Bar.

A unique event like no other, TradFest Temple Bar is the best place to experience live Irish music in January.