We often take our voice for granted. Not just singing of course, but our true voice.
I mean the act of speaking our truth.
On International Women’s Day, it might be worth taking the time to ask, how connected are my voice and my heart in this moment?
How often do I swallow my true words before they can reach my lips?
This habit can be particularly true of women, in our eagerness for peace and harmony. But of course it comes at a cost. If we swallow back our truth before it reaches our lips, where does it go? What does it do to our bodies?
When I first learned about chakras, I felt a sense of coming home. I had a framework to describe what I instinctively knew, through experience, about body, energy and auto-destruction.
Many years later, practicing reiki and kundalini, I find that I am always returning to the throat-chakra in my practice. How to keep it spinning freely? How to let my truth fall freely from my lips?
It is possible to be intentional in caring for our voice, and mindful of speaking our truth daily – from a place of love and worthiness. It’s not easy. It takes intentionality.
I bring this meditation on my throat-chakra to my morning rituals.
Chin to the chest, breathe in ‘sat’ / Open throat to the universe, exhale ‘nam’. It’s the intention that matters. Celebrate your divine feminine today. Allow yourself to speak your truth, even if it’s just a whisper in a silent room.
Celebrate your worthiness, and consider that perhaps the truth really does set you free.

Saint Brigid’s Cathedral, Kildare – post concert musings

To be truly honest, there were times over that last couple of years when I worried about getting back on stage. I began to think of it as something I used to do, and this made me deeply sad. It felt like it would never again be the way it once was.
Like all performers, the concerts that I had been lucky enough to do, suffered from curfews, restrictions, and sometimes no audience.
I was grateful for those moments, but they were edgy. My performances were edgy. None of the that glorious flow that you feel when you can be free in the note, and the moment, and the connection. Free from another single thought in the world.
Last night, in the 13th century cathedral of St Brigid, in my first restriction-free full gig since December 2019, I discovered that it was all there – waiting for me.
Brigid’s calm, primal, sensual, Mother Earth energy cradled me as I stepped into the flow and drifted away, and the audience came too.
The relief and joy was palpable. Music spun her alchemy and we shed some of the calloused skin of fear had been bound to us. Gratitude in abundance.
Thank you Brigid.

I’m still buzzing with happiness that my composition ‘In Paradisum’ has been voted into the @classicfm #HallofFame2021 top 300 by the listeners! ⁣

The joy is all the more sweet to be a living, female composer standing gratefully within the ranks of the Masters of the beloved classical canon. I’m nestled at number #288 between Einaudi & Wagner (I studied Siegfried Idyll as a set-work at school!) ⁣

This amazing 4-day extravaganza of music is the biggest annual pole of classical music tastes in the world. It’s an incredible soundtrack to your Easter weekend from 9am-9pm if you enjoy classical music. ⁣

The piece ‘In Paradisum’ (featured on my latest album Ériu) is from my “Requiem for a Promised Child” almost complete… and will be my next release. I’m greatly encouraged to record it now, and looking forward to collaborating with the @rteconcertorchestra

I feel immensely honoured that firstly, Classic FM chose to bring my music to their listeners, and secondly that their listeners have taken it to their hearts. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to express your love for the piece through voting. ⁣

Wishing you a very Happy & peaceful Easter, a hopeful time of rebirth 💗⁣

Looking for a change in my outlook, I was recently inspired by Ruth Smith to conjure daily haiku.

This new tiny practice is doing what I hoped it would ; hushing the pandemic-induced anxiety a little. The constant worry-noise had created a daily pull towards more left-brain thinking (not my usual default setting, leaving me discombobulated)⁣

So now; in a moment each day, I sit (or move) with a thought that I am attracted to, and ponder its beauty, and its attractiveness. Why am I drawn to it? Pain, longing, beauty? In fact, over the the short time that I have taken this practice, the main theme that is emerging is HOPE. I am desperate to feel hopeful. I need it now, like oxygen. There has not been enough oxygen, and now I need to breathe deeply and freely. I need to let the light in through these cracks of fragile brokenness.

This little tweak has reopened the flow to this life-giving breathe of Source. That is just part of the story though, as it seems the words alone don’t convey the full meaning of the practice for me – it needs to feel technicolour, so visual!
So now, in addition to photgraphy, I’ve been inspired to explore art & journaling.⁣
What has resulted, to my surprise, is a combining of both practices … making a haiku art journal⁣, a little colourful volume of hope.

If you’re looking for some light in your day, there’s so much inspiration to drink from. ⁣There are so many generous creators who share their vulnerable processes with us, and I am eternally grateful to them. I am proceeding – and giving auto-permission to reject the limits of needing to be ‘perfect’ or ‘talented’

I will share the haiku below, and to see the accompanying art, visit my instagram ✨

first 08.02.21

Time’s linear loss⁣
Parallel cacophony⁣
Days roll into one⁣

second 09.02.21

Daughter slightly ill⁣
(or addicted to cuddles)⁣
Pale precious closeness⁣

third 10.02.21

Brigid’s blessings flew⁣
airmail, Irish Indo wrapped⁣
Beannaithe in Suisse⁣

forth 11.02.21

An ocean-like lake⁣
y apporté par La Bise⁣
Bitter east west waves⁣

fifth 12.02.21

Above the mask line⁣⁣
a stranger’s eyes lock with mine.⁣⁣
In this together⁣⁣

sixth 13.02.21

Une bise de La Bise⁣
Inverted ice-crown kisses⁣
soufflés par la reine⁣

seventh 14.02.21

In the rituals⁣
of family life, my heart⁣
purges and refills. ⁣

eight 15.02.21

Scant thaw this morning. ⁣
Favouring the sunny side;
life imitates walks. ⁣

ninth 16.02.21

The dormant vine knows⁣
through accepting her slumber,⁣
she will bear rich fruit⁣

tenth 19.02.21

The other side’s grass⁣
is often a paler shade⁣
than you imagine. ⁣

eleventh 20.02.21

Bright spring sun pierces⁣
the littoral’s cold prism⁣,
and hope germinates ⁣

twelfth 21.02.21

The time has come to ⁣
rake away the winter coat⁣
and make a fresh start⁣

thirteenth 22.02.21

Restoring our faith⁣
in the awesome, she stretches ⁣
her rosy fingers ⁣

fourteenth 23.02.21

A lace husk shelters⁣
tomatillo ‘volunteers’⁣
slumbering below ⁣

fifteenth 24.02.21

J’ai un cœur qui fond. ⁣
Et toi, mon cher printemps, ⁣
tu vis là-dedans. ⁣

sixteenth 25.02.21

Seeking clarity,⁣
my blind eye and my third eye ⁣
keep watchful focus⁣

seventeenth 26.02.21

I lack ambition. ⁣
Yet, quite miraculously, ⁣
my music does not. ⁣

eighteenth 28.02.21

Clap your syllables,⁣
my little haiku playmate. ⁣
Count five-seven-five ⁣

nineteenth 02.03.21

There will be a time⁣
when we can take it all in,⁣
and let it all go. ⁣

twentieth 05.03.12

My mind is reaching ⁣
(beyond her tired, seeing eyes) ⁣
for Ajna’s star-flight ⁣

twentyfirst 09.03.21

We all must begin⁣
in the womb of a woman,⁣
cradled into life. ⁣

twentysecond 11.03.21

I’m still here, even⁣
if a full hand is too much ⁣
for a growing girl⁣

twentythird 12.03.21

Spring’s sweet voice whispers;⁣
“Go outside. Move your body. ⁣
Photosynthesise” ⁣

twentyforth 13.03.21

To ‘flow like water’⁣
need not be benign. Agile⁣
rapids pack a punch. ⁣

twentyfifth 14.03.21

As I dial, I hear⁣
her words; “Hold on till ⁣
I turn down the radio”⁣

twentysixth 19.03.21

Trying to keep up, ⁣⁣
I adjust willingly to⁣⁣
your magnificence. ⁣⁣

twentyseventh 24.03.21

Remember, before ⁣
the death of optimism,⁣
we noticed blue skies⁣

twentyeigth 26.03.21

mirror-canvas⁣ of winter,
yields to spring’s rigging⁣

twentyninth 28.03.21

A daylight preview ⁣
before tonight’s main event. ⁣
Then she’ll wane, gibbous⁣

thirtieth 30.03.21

l semble qu’on soit ⁣
tous sous-serre, là confinés ⁣
comme des palmiers⁣

thirtyfirst 22.04.21

Haiku-atus ends⁣
as Sogyal Rinpoche’s words⁣
on water, return ⁣

thirtysecond 23.04.21

On Friday, Earth cried⁣
“Every day is Earth Day”
and got back to work. ⁣



Today, after 3 years in the making, I finally release #Ériu, an orchestral album of music all Irish in origin. ⁣

It’s exciting and cathartic to finally send it into the world and to share it with you. The response so far has really blown me away. I want to sincerely thank all the legends that helped me make my dreams come true. ⁣

💚The RTÉ Concert Orchestra of course, led by Mia Cooper for bringing the music to life. It’s very much alive! ⁣
💚The enduring friendship, support and encouragement of Brendan Graham, our partnership is a cornerstone of this work. ⁣
💚The other-worldly playing of Fiddler John Sheahan on the song that we wrote together; Jasmine Flower. ⁣
💚The sheer epic power of Sarah Class ‘s musical might in the piece we wrote called Hibernia. And all the endless chats and friendship, backing vocals, piano playing, choral arrangements….. what would I do without you!?⁣
💚The generosity of Composer Patrick Cassidy in allowing Gerald Peregrine and I to reimagine Vide Cor Meum as a duet for voice and cello with new English Lyrics by Brendan Graham, it now exists as Love Endless. ⁣
💚The magic and mischief of the beautiful musical soul that is Neil Martin in his playing on Silent O Moyle and his arrangement on Crúcan na bPaiste, and to Máirtín O Connor for his sublime playing on that song. ⁣
💚The mighty trumpet solos from William John Morse Palmer on An Raibh Tú at an gCarraig and In Paradisum.⁣
💚The unique guitar playing of my dear pal Robbie Overson. ⁣
💚Conductor Joe Csibi, arranger Gavin Murphy, engineer Damian Chennels
💚My wonderful recording engineer Dave Mc Cune at Ventry studios and Ciaran Byrne mixing engineer, I am indebted to you both for your patience and friendship while I produced this album over the constraints of times & distance. ⁣
💚And Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studios for sprinkling his expert sparkle over the masters. And Jonas Wedtling for postproduction on Hibernia. ⁣
💚To Nigel Elderton, Anne Miller, Luc Floreani and all the team Peermusic UK for your enthusiasm and excitement for the music ⁣
💚The champions of Irish artists RTÉ especially RTE Lyric FM Marty Whelan – I’m looking at you! ⁣
💚The indefatigable support, positivity and love from my family and friends, without which I couldn’t have pulled it off. ⁣

I think you get the gist. ⁣

I’m grateful. My heart is full of gratitude. ⁣

💚My cup runneth over 💚⁣


There are very few things that I enjoy more than the process of seed-to-flower…. ⁣

You know- the process when the tiniest blink of a creative idea takes root in your mind and insists on being nurtured until it takes a real tangible form? ⁣

Then it begins to take on a life of it’s own… but only with constant care and attention. ⁣

It can grow from the germ of a song shared with a friend, into a full melody and lyric, into a massive orchestration, into an epic recording, and finally, before being released into the world, it can take on new form – this time visual. ⁣

My dearest friend (and award winning composer) Sarah Class and I wrote a song together called ‘Hibernia’. It’s about my roots and heritage and it’s thoroughly epic. ⁣

So now we’re creating pictures… And then we can share it with you. ⁣

We went on a location scout to find the right spot. I’m standing on a cliff, feeling the power of the Atlantic. ⁣

We’ll shoot it in about 8 weeks when there’s plenty of day light.
I’m so excited to start creating the narrative while I wait for the days to get longer.⁣

I’m really fascinated by how people nurture and love their creative ideas to keep the alive….

We’re being asked today ‘who most inspires you?’ on this international women’s day.
I can easily say, hands down, that my two young daughters are my inspiration.
They inspire me every day as they step out with courage to find their own path on this huge adventure – in a new culture & language, with new friends & a new home.
They are already emerging as formidable females, and I can think of no greater privilege than being their mother.

Exiting new changes for me this month, as I will officially be bi-locating between Ireland and Switzerland, as I take my girls to set up home in Geneva.

I’ll be so looking forward to going back and forth between both of the extraordinary places that I will be lucky to call home. Tours and concerts as usual in Ireland, and who knows what continental delights await, as I prepare to release my new orchestral album!

What a unique pleasure and honour for me this evening, to receive the award for Arts and Culture from my alma mater Maynooth University!
And, the only alumna in the esteemed company of poet Michael Longley and director Lenny Abrahamson, to top it off! Thank you to Prof Philip Nolan and all at Maynooth University for a beautiful summer soirée, and for the generous recognition of my work.
Choosing Maynooth was such a positive pivotal decision for me, such a wonderful place to study.

That was a magnificent night. The glorious music and words of Brendan Graham shooting right through the heart of all of us, audience and artist one and all. And to sing Neil Martin’s thoughtful and richly emotional arrangement of Crucan an bPaiste under the intensely musical baton of David Brophy… just soul-nourishing. Simultaneously ecstatic and devastating. I’ll never forget it.