HIBERNIA (Official Music Video)

HIBERNIA – Eimear Quinn
from the album Ériu
with the RTE Concert Orchestra

Taking Ireland’s oldest poem as inspiration; The Song of Amergin, Eimear Quinn moulds us a contemporary & rhythmically exciting ‘ode to Ireland’ of epic proportions in the form of the song Hibernia.

The lyrics, in 3 languages; Old Irish, Latin and English are drawn from the ancient Irish text of the Invocation of Amergin, an English translation of The song of Amergin, and a collection of the historical Latin names for the Island of Ireland.

The song is a collaboration with composer Sarah Class, who is better known for her work on BBC wildlife soundtracks. Quinn and Class were introduced by the late Sir George Martin, as both were published by his publishing company George Martin Music.

Eimear and Sarah were inspired by the phenomenon of human resilience and dignity especially in the face of the countless invasions, pilages, injustices that Ireland and her people have endured historically. The song speaks to the intrinsic human spirit present in us all; a core strength exclusively owned by the individual that can never be taken or broken.

Hibernia invokes the ancient images of the poem, but also the historical latin names for Ireland.

I’ve wanted to create this song with Sarah for a long time. We were first introduced to each other by the late Sir George Martin as he thought that we would make a good team. We hit it off right away, initially composing a song called ‘Another Day’ on our very first meeting.
Sarah has written extensively for wildlife documentary films, and it was her sweeping compositions for BBC Africa that inspired the music for Hibernia. We set out to weave an anthem of enduring strength, rich heritage and majestic resilience. The result is even more epic than I could have imagined!”