This Christma, Eimear will give concerts in Saint Mary’s Church, Maynooth AND Saint Mary’s Church in Howth on December 19th and 20th.
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Performed by Sarah Class & Eimear Quinn

Composed by Sarah Class
Release Date: 22nd July

Escape to the wonder of Ancient Greece. Among the olive groves and citrus
trees, a path winds its way through the enduring lyrical poetry of Sappho and
her homage to female love, as immortal as the Goddesses themselves.
The Naïades Of Nymphes is a masterfully crafed duet by composer Sarah
Class, where she draws on the lyricism of Sappho’s poetry in Ancient Greek,
and weaves luxurious melody and harmony to express her admiration for
female love in all of its forms. In this way she is joined by Irish Soprano,
Eimear Quinn in a celebration of their deep friendship and artistic

Allow yourself to drif away to the Aegean Coast and back again on the
musical waves of the Naiades of Nymphes.

Eimear Quinn has been voted in the the Classic FM “Hall of Fame” 2021 with her piece ‘In Paradisum’

Classic FM’s “Hall of Fame” is the world’s biggest pole of classical music tastes. It is broadcast annually over the four days of the Easter Weekend
First broadcast in 1996 the show counts down the 300 most-popular pieces as voted for by listeners, culminating in the number one on the evening of Easter Monday.

Quinn ranks as one of only five female composers in the 2021 chart, along side Clara Schumann, Debbie Wiseman, Yoko Shimomura and Phamie Gow.

Quinn tweeted:
“It’s a true honour to stand with these women; Clara Schumann, Debbie Wisemann, Yoko Shimomura, Phamie Gow.
It’s encouraging, and also against the grain, that we are four living composers along with Schumann. I’m grateful that Classic FM has brought us to their listeners”

IN PARADISUM is recorded with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and features on Quinn’s 2020 release ‘Ériu’

It is the final movement of Quinn’s “Requiem for a Promised Child” which is near completion and due to premier in 2022.

The CD of Ériu is now available for PRE-Order (delivery mid July)

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all of the positive feedback, and the beautiful, generous words of encouragement that you have shared with me about my new album Ériu with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra
While it has been available for streaming and download for the last couple of weeks, so many of you have asked about a physical CD. Well! I’m delighted to let you know that it is now in production, and can be pre-ordered on my website.
As we gently dip our toes into moving forward & living with Covid, thankfully lots of people are able to go back to work, albeit with safety measures in place. Please stay safe and also think of your neighbour. The virus is very much still around us, but we will find a way to adapt and move forward, I am sure it x

I’m delighted to release a new video for HIBERNIA on Youtube this evening!

Taking Ireland’s oldest poem as inspiration; The Song of Amergin, Hibernia is a contemporary & rhythmically exciting ‘ode to Ireland’ of epic proportions
The lyrics, in 3 languages; Old Irish, Latin and English are drawn from the ancient Irish text of the Invocation of Amergin, an English translation of The Song of Amergin, and a collection of the historical Latin names for the Island of Ireland. 
The song is a collaboration with composer Sarah Class, who is better known for her work on BBC wildlife soundtracks. Quinn and Class were introduced by the late Sir George Martin, as both were published by his publishing company George Martin Music.

Eimear and Sarah were inspired by the phenomenon of human resilience and dignity especially in the face of the countless invasions, pilages, injustices that Ireland and her people have endured historically. The song speaks to the intrinsic human spirit present in us all; a core strength exclusively owned by the individual that can never be taken or broken. 

Hibernia invokes the ancient images of the poem, but also the historical latin names for Ireland. 
I’ve wanted to create this song with Sarah for a long time. We were first introduced to each other by the late Sir George Martin as he thought that we would make a good team. We hit it off right away, initially composing a song called ‘Another Day’ on our very first meeting. Sarah has written extensively for wildlife documentary films, and it was her sweeping compositions for BBC Africa that inspired the music for Hibernia. We set out to weave an anthem of enduring strength, rich heritage and majestic resilience. The result is even more epic than I could have imagined!



Today, after 3 years in the making, I finally release #Ériu, an orchestral album of music all Irish in origin. ⁣

It’s exciting and cathartic to finally send it into the world and to share it with you. The response so far has really blown me away. I want to sincerely thank all the legends that helped me make my dreams come true. ⁣

💚The RTÉ Concert Orchestra of course, led by Mia Cooper for bringing the music to life. It’s very much alive! ⁣
💚The enduring friendship, support and encouragement of Brendan Graham, our partnership is a cornerstone of this work. ⁣
💚The other-worldly playing of Fiddler John Sheahan on the song that we wrote together; Jasmine Flower. ⁣
💚The sheer epic power of Sarah Class ‘s musical might in the piece we wrote called Hibernia. And all the endless chats and friendship, backing vocals, piano playing, choral arrangements….. what would I do without you!?⁣
💚The generosity of Composer Patrick Cassidy in allowing Gerald Peregrine and I to reimagine Vide Cor Meum as a duet for voice and cello with new English Lyrics by Brendan Graham, it now exists as Love Endless. ⁣
💚The magic and mischief of the beautiful musical soul that is Neil Martin in his playing on Silent O Moyle and his arrangement on Crúcan na bPaiste, and to Máirtín O Connor for his sublime playing on that song. ⁣
💚The mighty trumpet solos from William John Morse Palmer on An Raibh Tú at an gCarraig and In Paradisum.⁣
💚The unique guitar playing of my dear pal Robbie Overson. ⁣
💚Conductor Joe Csibi, arranger Gavin Murphy, engineer Damian Chennels
💚My wonderful recording engineer Dave Mc Cune at Ventry studios and Ciaran Byrne mixing engineer, I am indebted to you both for your patience and friendship while I produced this album over the constraints of times & distance. ⁣
💚And Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studios for sprinkling his expert sparkle over the masters. And Jonas Wedtling for postproduction on Hibernia. ⁣
💚To Nigel Elderton, Anne Miller, Luc Floreani and all the team Peermusic UK for your enthusiasm and excitement for the music ⁣
💚The champions of Irish artists RTÉ especially RTE Lyric FM Marty Whelan – I’m looking at you! ⁣
💚The indefatigable support, positivity and love from my family and friends, without which I couldn’t have pulled it off. ⁣

I think you get the gist. ⁣

I’m grateful. My heart is full of gratitude. ⁣

💚My cup runneth over 💚⁣