I hope that you’re all hanging in there, it can be really hard to stay positive. 

One thing that is certain is that music is keeping a lot of us sane. I want to contribute this new song into the mix at this time, from my forthcoming album with the RTE Concert Orchestra (ÉRIU – out May 29th)

It’s about strength and resilience in the face of a huge and unexpected challenge, and how, despite the terrifying force of nature, we can trust that there is a benevolence at work.We can trust that it will be okay.

It’s called THE WATCHMAN, with powerful words of hope and solidarity by BRENDAN GRAHAM (writer of YOU RAISE ME UP)

I found it very moving to compose the music to accompany these words. ⁣

The power and beauty of our RTE CO brings a depth to the song’s message “no more shall I be afraid”. ⁣

It is my sincere wish that this music can help to reassure you, and to ease your fears.

There’s a new video beautifully edited by Bronwyn Harvey to bring it to you in images.

Following the announcement of the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, I would like to say how terribly I feel for all those involved, and i hope that there can be a silver lining once we are through these surreal times.

Eurovison is an extraordinary event, and one the has been a huge blessing in my life.

But why, when I have an album of New Music, wold I kick off with a song that I’ve been singing for more than two decades? ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Because this song has been my gift. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣It has taken me to places that I could hardly have dreamed of, and singing it with the RTE Concert Orchestra is an utterly thrilling and uplifting experience. A feeling that I have been enjoying for more than two decades, and continue to enjoy to this day! ⁣⁣

⁣⁣So I want to share that feeling with you. It’s is the first ever fully orchestral recording of this iconic song, and I love it! ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Yes, I have lots of new, lush and epic orchestral music on the way….. but let me remind you about this one first.⁣⁣

⁣⁣Think of it as a ‘Hello, remember me…. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while’ ⁣.

The thing is, after a long and winding road to parenthood, I decided to divide the precious hours in the day between my much longed-for children and LIVE performance.  Recording got kicked to the curb for a while.

The past decade has not only been full of personal landmark performances (for HRH Queen Elizabeth 2, Pope Francis‘ visit to Ireland, President Michael D Higgins inaugural state visit to Britain in the Royal Albert Hall, HRH Prince Charles) but also a steady building up of loyal audiences, and annual return-bookings in national venues. 

A loyal audience must be deeply respected. The two things that they mostly want from me are 1. New Music, and 2. not to leave the building without performing ‘The Voice’

Hopefully I’ve answered my own initial question; why this song?

It’s a killer song. AND I love it. AND so does my loyal audience. 

Here it is –  in it’s newest and most powerful form. I hope you’ll love it too.

THE VOICE 2020 (with the RTE Concert Orchestra) Single out March 20th⁣⁣


This spring, I will release my first full length album since becoming a mother more than 10 years ago.

In my quest for balance (and my utter addiction to my children) I focused on ‘live’ work rather than recording.

During that period, I have had the privilege to perform for not only HRH Queen Elizabeth 2, Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland, President Michael D Higgins inaugural state visit to Britain, HRH Prince Charles, but also have a daily life full of baking/playing/cuddles/homework/school-run/library visits etc.
It has been an amazingly challenging yet rewarding period professionally (and of course personally).

One problem though – In this balancing act there was no room for Social Media. So now I’m playing catch-up.
I know the following doesn’t happen over-night. It takes hard work and patience (but I’m hard-working and patient!) so here we go!

As I prepare for this forthcoming release, I am going to publish all of my back-catalogue on both Youtube and Spotify. (like this album – ‘Through The Lens of a Tear’) The back-catalogue project starts This Week.

If you would like to stay updated, follow me here and on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter & YouTube to keep in the loop as I upload new videos. (all links on the homepage of this website)

AND of course SHARE posts and music to help me to spread the word!

I appreciate the support!
Thank you x
In gratitude x Eimear

Recorded live at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam filmed by PilotStudio for Avrotros TV in the Netherlands December 15th 2019, as a celebration of their Road to the Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. After winning the Eurovision Song contest for Ireland in 1996 with this song ‘The Voice’, by Brendan Graham (Peer Music) I have performed it many times with orchestra – and now, This is the new Orchestral version will be on my forthcoming album – coming in spring 2020. It features the recorded backing of the RTE Concert Orchestra.


I know it’s been slow…. 2 years in the making – but  I finally mastered my new album today.
The RTE Concert Orchestra, John Sheahan, Neil Martin, Gerald Peregrin and all other collaborators sound devine!
It was a fun day out to Abbey Road, working with Simon Gibson.
I smiled when I found a lucky coin in Geneva airport on the way.
Feeling proud.
It’s sounding so good.
Looking forward to sharing.

What a tremendous honour it was to perform last evening at our Embassy in London for the gathered guests including THR the Prince of Wales & the Duchess of Cornwall. It was a very intimate and special atmosphere of warm friendship and respect between our two nations as we face into the post-brexit future together.

Singing from the ballroom floor in a chamber setting between the tables of Charles and Camilla, the programme included 5 movements all segued through the beautiful arrangements of Neil Martin. Neil and I were joined by harpist Seána Davey and actor Adrian Dunbar.

The movements included Benjamin Britten’s beautiful setting of ‘The Salley Gardens’ by W.B Yates, Tugamar Fein an Samradh Linn (an Irish language song – optimistically welcoming the summer), The poem ‘Everything is Going to be Alright‘ by Derek Mahon, read by Adrian, Ewan Mc Coll’s love song to London ‘Sweet Thames Flow Softly’ and finally a jig by Neil ‘The Queen of the Scals’. 

I and very grateful to our ambassador in London, Adrian O’Neill and his wife Aisling for the invitation to be part of this historic and memorable occasion.


I was so honoured to stand with Moya Brennan, Bridgie Collins & Lucia Evans to sing Mná na hEireann (Women of Ireland) at Croke Park for the visit of to Ireland. By co-incidence, it is the same beautiful song that I sang for HRH Queen Elizabeth II in 2011 during her visit to Ireland.
An incredible night sharing the stage with Andrea Bocelli, Daniel O’Donnell, Nathan Carter, Celine Byrne, Patrick Bergin, Maighread &Tíona Ní Dhomhnall, Riverdance to name a few in a cast of thousands!

Even though the incredible experiece of recording with the RTE Concert Orchestra for my new album has been 12 months ago already… please don’t feel that I’ve hidden away! I’ve been working tirelessly to make as beautiful a recording as I can, and it is at mixing stage now, so very nearly there! I can’t wait for you to hear it!

You will have another chance to hear this unique interoperation of Irish music set for Classical Brass Quintet and trad ensemble.
Following on from the acclaimed debut at St Patricks Cathedral Dublin earlier this year, BREATH UPON THE FLAME is coming to the magnificent spaces of GALWAY So special, you won’t want to miss it!