✨Musings✨ – A Woman’s Voice

We often take our voice for granted. Not just singing of course, but our true voice.
I mean the act of speaking our truth.
On International Women’s Day, it might be worth taking the time to ask, how connected are my voice and my heart in this moment?
How often do I swallow my true words before they can reach my lips?
This habit can be particularly true of women, in our eagerness for peace and harmony. But of course it comes at a cost. If we swallow back our truth before it reaches our lips, where does it go? What does it do to our bodies?
When I first learned about chakras, I felt a sense of coming home. I had a framework to describe what I instinctively knew, through experience, about body, energy and auto-destruction.
Many years later, practicing reiki and kundalini, I find that I am always returning to the throat-chakra in my practice. How to keep it spinning freely? How to let my truth fall freely from my lips?
It is possible to be intentional in caring for our voice, and mindful of speaking our truth daily – from a place of love and worthiness. It’s not easy. It takes intentionality.
I bring this meditation on my throat-chakra to my morning rituals.
Chin to the chest, breathe in ‘sat’ / Open throat to the universe, exhale ‘nam’. It’s the intention that matters. Celebrate your divine feminine today. Allow yourself to speak your truth, even if it’s just a whisper in a silent room.
Celebrate your worthiness, and consider that perhaps the truth really does set you free.

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