✨Musings✨ – HAIKU practice for flow

Looking for a change in my outlook, I was recently inspired by Ruth Smith to conjure daily haiku.

This new tiny practice is doing what I hoped it would ; hushing the pandemic-induced anxiety a little. The constant worry-noise had created a daily pull towards more left-brain thinking (not my usual default setting, leaving me discombobulated)⁣

So now; in a moment each day, I sit (or move) with a thought that I am attracted to, and ponder its beauty, and its attractiveness. Why am I drawn to it? Pain, longing, beauty? In fact, over the the short time that I have taken this practice, the main theme that is emerging is HOPE. I am desperate to feel hopeful. I need it now, like oxygen. There has not been enough oxygen, and now I need to breathe deeply and freely. I need to let the light in through these cracks of fragile brokenness.

This little tweak has reopened the flow to this life-giving breathe of Source. That is just part of the story though, as it seems the words alone don’t convey the full meaning of the practice for me – it needs to feel technicolour, so visual!
So now, in addition to photgraphy, I’ve been inspired to explore art & journaling.⁣
What has resulted, to my surprise, is a combining of both practices … making a haiku art journal⁣, a little colourful volume of hope.

If you’re looking for some light in your day, there’s so much inspiration to drink from. ⁣There are so many generous creators who share their vulnerable processes with us, and I am eternally grateful to them. I am proceeding – and giving auto-permission to reject the limits of needing to be ‘perfect’ or ‘talented’

I will share the haiku below, and to see the accompanying art, visit my instagram ✨

first 08.02.21

Time’s linear loss⁣
Parallel cacophony⁣
Days roll into one⁣

second 09.02.21

Daughter slightly ill⁣
(or addicted to cuddles)⁣
Pale precious closeness⁣

third 10.02.21

Brigid’s blessings flew⁣
airmail, Irish Indo wrapped⁣
Beannaithe in Suisse⁣

forth 11.02.21

An ocean-like lake⁣
y apporté par La Bise⁣
Bitter east west waves⁣

fifth 12.02.21

Above the mask line⁣⁣
a stranger’s eyes lock with mine.⁣⁣
In this together⁣⁣

sixth 13.02.21

Une bise de La Bise⁣
Inverted ice-crown kisses⁣
soufflés par la reine⁣

seventh 14.02.21

In the rituals⁣
of family life, my heart⁣
purges and refills. ⁣

eight 15.02.21

Scant thaw this morning. ⁣
Favouring the sunny side;
life imitates walks. ⁣

ninth 16.02.21

The dormant vine knows⁣
through accepting her slumber,⁣
she will bear rich fruit⁣

tenth 19.02.21

The other side’s grass⁣
is often a paler shade⁣
than you imagine. ⁣

eleventh 20.02.21

Bright spring sun pierces⁣
the littoral’s cold prism⁣,
and hope germinates ⁣

twelfth 21.02.21

The time has come to ⁣
rake away the winter coat⁣
and make a fresh start⁣

thirteenth 22.02.21

Restoring our faith⁣
in the awesome, she stretches ⁣
her rosy fingers ⁣

fourteenth 23.02.21

A lace husk shelters⁣
tomatillo ‘volunteers’⁣
slumbering below ⁣

fifteenth 24.02.21

J’ai un cœur qui fond. ⁣
Et toi, mon cher printemps, ⁣
tu vis là-dedans. ⁣

sixteenth 25.02.21

Seeking clarity,⁣
my blind eye and my third eye ⁣
keep watchful focus⁣

seventeenth 26.02.21

I lack ambition. ⁣
Yet, quite miraculously, ⁣
my music does not. ⁣

eighteenth 28.02.21

Clap your syllables,⁣
my little haiku playmate. ⁣
Count five-seven-five ⁣

nineteenth 02.03.21

There will be a time⁣
when we can take it all in,⁣
and let it all go. ⁣

twentieth 05.03.12

My mind is reaching ⁣
(beyond her tired, seeing eyes) ⁣
for Ajna’s star-flight ⁣

twentyfirst 09.03.21

We all must begin⁣
in the womb of a woman,⁣
cradled into life. ⁣

twentysecond 11.03.21

I’m still here, even⁣
if a full hand is too much ⁣
for a growing girl⁣

twentythird 12.03.21

Spring’s sweet voice whispers;⁣
“Go outside. Move your body. ⁣
Photosynthesise” ⁣

twentyforth 13.03.21

To ‘flow like water’⁣
need not be benign. Agile⁣
rapids pack a punch. ⁣

twentyfifth 14.03.21

As I dial, I hear⁣
her words; “Hold on till ⁣
I turn down the radio”⁣

twentysixth 19.03.21

Trying to keep up, ⁣⁣
I adjust willingly to⁣⁣
your magnificence. ⁣⁣

twentyseventh 24.03.21

Remember, before ⁣
the death of optimism,⁣
we noticed blue skies⁣

twentyeigth 26.03.21

mirror-canvas⁣ of winter,
yields to spring’s rigging⁣

twentyninth 28.03.21

A daylight preview ⁣
before tonight’s main event. ⁣
Then she’ll wane, gibbous⁣

thirtieth 30.03.21

l semble qu’on soit ⁣
tous sous-serre, là confinés ⁣
comme des palmiers⁣

thirtyfirst 22.04.21

Haiku-atus ends⁣
as Sogyal Rinpoche’s words⁣
on water, return ⁣

thirtysecond 23.04.21

On Friday, Earth cried⁣
“Every day is Earth Day”
and got back to work. ⁣

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