✨Musings ✨ – St Brigid & a return

Saint Brigid’s Cathedral, Kildare – post concert musings

To be truly honest, there were times over that last couple of years when I worried about getting back on stage. I began to think of it as something I used to do, and this made me deeply sad. It felt like it would never again be the way it once was.
Like all performers, the concerts that I had been lucky enough to do, suffered from curfews, restrictions, and sometimes no audience.
I was grateful for those moments, but they were edgy. My performances were edgy. None of the that glorious flow that you feel when you can be free in the note, and the moment, and the connection. Free from another single thought in the world.
Last night, in the 13th century cathedral of St Brigid, in my first restriction-free full gig since December 2019, I discovered that it was all there – waiting for me.
Brigid’s calm, primal, sensual, Mother Earth energy cradled me as I stepped into the flow and drifted away, and the audience came too.
The relief and joy was palpable. Music spun her alchemy and we shed some of the calloused skin of fear had been bound to us. Gratitude in abundance.
Thank you Brigid.

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