✨Musings✨- Seed to Flower

There are very few things that I enjoy more than the process of seed-to-flower…. ⁣

You know- the process when the tiniest blink of a creative idea takes root in your mind and insists on being nurtured until it takes a real tangible form? ⁣

Then it begins to take on a life of it’s own… but only with constant care and attention. ⁣

It can grow from the germ of a song shared with a friend, into a full melody and lyric, into a massive orchestration, into an epic recording, and finally, before being released into the world, it can take on new form – this time visual. ⁣

My dearest friend (and award winning composer) Sarah Class and I wrote a song together called ‘Hibernia’. It’s about my roots and heritage and it’s thoroughly epic. ⁣

So now we’re creating pictures… And then we can share it with you. ⁣

We went on a location scout to find the right spot. I’m standing on a cliff, feeling the power of the Atlantic. ⁣

We’ll shoot it in about 8 weeks when there’s plenty of day light.
I’m so excited to start creating the narrative while I wait for the days to get longer.⁣

I’m really fascinated by how people nurture and love their creative ideas to keep the alive….

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