Naiades of Nymphes – duet with Sarah Class – OUT NOW

Performed by Sarah Class & Eimear Quinn

Composed by Sarah Class
Release Date: 22nd July

Escape to the wonder of Ancient Greece. Among the olive groves and citrus
trees, a path winds its way through the enduring lyrical poetry of Sappho and
her homage to female love, as immortal as the Goddesses themselves.
The Naïades Of Nymphes is a masterfully crafed duet by composer Sarah
Class, where she draws on the lyricism of Sappho’s poetry in Ancient Greek,
and weaves luxurious melody and harmony to express her admiration for
female love in all of its forms. In this way she is joined by Irish Soprano,
Eimear Quinn in a celebration of their deep friendship and artistic

Allow yourself to drif away to the Aegean Coast and back again on the
musical waves of the Naiades of Nymphes.

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