New Music – The Watchman Friday 01 May


I hope that you’re all hanging in there, it can be really hard to stay positive. 

One thing that is certain is that music is keeping a lot of us sane. I want to contribute this new song into the mix at this time, from my forthcoming album with the RTE Concert Orchestra (ÉRIU – out May 29th)

It’s about strength and resilience in the face of a huge and unexpected challenge, and how, despite the terrifying force of nature, we can trust that there is a benevolence at work.We can trust that it will be okay.

It’s called THE WATCHMAN, with powerful words of hope and solidarity by BRENDAN GRAHAM (writer of YOU RAISE ME UP)

I found it very moving to compose the music to accompany these words. ⁣

The power and beauty of our RTE CO brings a depth to the song’s message “no more shall I be afraid”. ⁣

It is my sincere wish that this music can help to reassure you, and to ease your fears.

There’s a new video beautifully edited by Bronwyn Harvey to bring it to you in images.

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